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  • Is electricity required at the venue?
    If the venue has an electric supply we are able to plug in, but if not we have our own generator which we can operate from and become totally independent.
  • How many caravanettes are included?
    All packages are bespoke and we will work with you to ensure that there are enough caravanettes, dependant on the number of guests.
  • What selection of flavours do you have?
    We can provide you with a choice of over 400 different gelato and sorbet flavours ranging from the classics to something a bit more unusual such as Lemon Meringue Pie. If there is a specific flavour that you would like, please get in touch and we could create this flavour for your event !
  • How far do you travel?
    We cover Sussex and Surrey but please dont let this put you off. We are more than happy to travel a little further afield so do still get in touch.
  • Can you provide for any dietary requirements?
    Yes! We can offer a fantastic range of sorbets, vegan and dairy free gelato which are made with a selection of fresh fruit, soya, coconut, almond and oat milk. Please get in touch so we can talk through any requirements that you may have.
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